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Updated: 8/14/2021

  • In accordance with CDC guidelines, We are asking EVERYONE above the age of 2 to continue to wear masks during church services and youth/children activities regardless if you have received vaccine or no vaccine.

  • If you have any cold symptoms/sneezing/coughing/fever or any other new symptoms, please, Stay home until symptoms are gone. Do not attend church services/camps/meetings, or send your children to  activities with church UNTIL

    1.  Seek medical advice from a physician or doctor's office . ​

    2. and/or take a Covid-19 test

As a part of the church community, we each play a role in making sure our church family continues to be safe during this Pandemic by first & foremost, putting our ultimate trust in the Lord and praying for the safety of all.  

St. Mark Festival 

Update 9/12:

Closing ceremony details are yet to be determined. 

Any further questions, please Contact Evit Stalin.